21. apr. 2013

Accessories makes the outfit

Have you ever considered how much the accessories means for the total look?

Have a look at the picture below. With the same shorts and top, but with different accessories you go from a casual look to a high-end party look.

The basic outfit is the (adlinks) the black crue shorts with leather side panels from The Wardrobe,  Rosaire Silk Georgette Blouse from Style Butler.

For a casual look, style it with a dazzling and colourful scarf and a splendid tote from Desigual Accessories. They both adds notes of fun and colour to any get-up. Use it for casual walks in town or for your yoga gear. The blue ballerinas are from ECCO.

For a high-end party look, style it with elegant stacked bracelets from Bud to rose - a lovly clasp braclet witch reads Love, eternity, cherish, the  Vanja plain, and the Madonna with stone design.
Pick up the leatherpattern with the smart and chic Adax clutch.
You will definitely get notices in the "dare to wear" pumps in black suede leather and snake skin from Gardenia. Top off the moviestar look with fashionable eyewear from Monkeyglasses.

Which of the two combinations do you like the most?

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