25. mars 2013

Want a braid challenge?

What do you think about this French braid that is inspired by the spirals on snail shells?

We are going to try this - what about you?

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22. mars 2013

Happy Easter

Yellow is the color of Easter!
Have a happy Easter!

Want more yellow inspirations - Have a look at these pages (Adlinks).

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19. mars 2013

Today's outfit

Today we have put together an outfit for the spring. With asseccories and shoes you can change the outfit from sweet to more rock and roll.

This is where you can buy it (Adlinks):

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Vinn sminke for 1000 kr

Trykk på bildet under for å melde deg på konkurransen hvor du kan vinne et gavekort med sminke verd kr 1000,- hos BliVakker.no

Vinneren trekkes 27. mars

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18. mars 2013


Stripes are one of the four hot trends this spring.

Below we have put together a typical marine inspired outfit:

What do you think? Is this an outfit you would wear?

This is where you can buy the items (Adlinks):

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Spring Trends to Wear now

Spring is comming, and it's time to turn your attention away from those classic winter pieces. This spring there are 4 hot trends pastels, lace, stripes and florals.

If it's still to cold you can put on a sweater and use layers. Forget the trousers and wear skirts or shorts

Lace is a ultra feminin fabric and is the big faschion trend this spring. You will find lace on dresses, tops, skirts and accessories.



This spring both horizontal and vertical lines are hot, and you can expect to see a lot of them this April and May.

Nature know how to greet spring, the sunshine and warm breeze with flowers. So should you.

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14. mars 2013

Simple Smoky Cat's Eye

Have a look at these two simple guides on how to make those sexy smoky Cat's Eyes

Need makeup? Click on the links below to see where you can buy it (Adlinks):

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12. mars 2013

Celebrities love Snakeskin

Patterns from the animal kingdom never leavs the fashion hot to-wear-list. Last year, leopard patterns was the major trend. Now, snakeskin patterns are loved by the celebrities and the fashion industry.

Jennifer Lopez in a snakeskin dress and boots:


Jessica Simpson



Click on the links (adlinks) below to see some more inspirations and where you can buy them:

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2. mars 2013

Soft Colors

The soft pastels have returned as one of the four hottest spring trends for 2013. The other three are lace, stripes and florals. Pastels are all over in shops and have popped up in beautiful photographed advertising campaigns. 

You can weare pastels with other pastels, dark colors like blue and black or popp them up with some of the hot neon.

Get inspired by your favorite macaroon flavour and softly embrace these angelic hues. Here is one outfit that you can use as an inspiration.

Leave a comment if you like it.

Want to buy any of the items?
The links below will take you to our partner's online store (Adlinks):

And what about making nails like this to match this outfit?

If you need a tutorial on how to make nails like this, have a look at this page.

And what about eyes like those:

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