12. mai 2013

Today's inspirational

Today's inspirational outfit consists of a hot and fashionable (Adlinks) baggy Pulz jeans with a sweet top from ICHI in a wrap design and a comfortable smocking at the hem. Add some glam to the outfit with a glittery serpentine clutch purse from Friis & Company. The emerald green picks up the matching colors from the top. Top the outfit with these "dare to wear" pumps from Gardenia with a mix of suede leather and snake skin. The snake skin matches the pattern on the purse.

Would you weare this outfit?

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7. mai 2013

Today's inspirational

No 1.
No 2.

No 3.

No 4.

No 5.
No 6.

No 7.

Which one is your favorite?
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6. mai 2013

Mango Frutti

We just love this popular white (adlinks) Mango Frutti Watch
It is not that expencive either.

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Looks we love

Stripes are hot this spring and summer.
Here is an inspirational collection of how to wear them: 

Yellow is one of the hottest collors this spring:
Black stripes:


In those red stripes you are guaranteed to be noticed:

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